With advancing technology and equipment development evolving how construction industry operates, continued education is a must. At IDE, we take the time to invest in not only our customers, but our people on the inside as well. IDE is proud to be able to offer continued education and training opportunities for our team.

Within our Parts, Service and Fabrication Departments, new hires receive a “30-60-90-day goal sheet” upon hiring. These sheets are used to indicate expectations of new hires within these departments and aid in the education and training process so our individuals feel comfortable with their day-to-day tasks and are equipped with the proper tools and knowledge necessary to succeed in their position.  

New service employees also get hands-on experience through technical training on the rigs and other machinery we represent and the types of applications where they are used. This, paired with a week-long in-depth technical training course with our in-house trainer who has numerous decades of experience in our business ensures that our staff is equipped with an understanding of the equipment and the construction applications that equipment is used on. 

At IDE, we celebrate and encourage continued education and training. Our staff members are rewarded for their growth and development through our Technician PayScale. We have a system in place to measure technicians and reward our technicians experience levels with more pay. This is used to relay our expectations and give them a clear path for what to do to increase their pay. Career growth is attainable at the hands of staff members.  

All employees are also given full access to the hundreds of courses and seminars offered by Associated Equipment Distributors (AED). IDE utilizes these seminars and courses to help train our staff members in best practices and evolving aspects of our business and industry. Many of these courses are offered either in person or online, meaning they are easily accessible to our people in house. 

Our sales team is provided with numerous resources to aid them in assisting our customers. IDE hosts an annual sales meeting where our sales staff is provided to improve the equipment consulting ability of our individual salespeople by coaching them through multiple different theoretical job tasks.  This gives the salesperson experience in a variety of different foundation applications and situations that expands their knowledge to better serve our customers and improve the equipment buying and rental processes for both our staff and customers. The sales staff is also trained in how to operate the equipment and practical application knowledge to be able to provide equipment, expertise and experience in the equipment lines IDE offers to better aid our customers in their purchase decisions. 

The IDE sales department is also pleased to offer a mentorship program. Each salesperson has a mentor that provides guidance on their deals, customers, and supports their development as an employee. Each mentorship pairing lasts for one quarter.  Salespeople have the opportunity to work with multiple mentors throughout the course of the year, where they gain multiple perspectives on different applications, customer service, geographies, and selling situations. 

IDE is an active member of DFI and the ADSC and participates in their tradeshows throughout the course of the year. IDE attends all major industry trade shows, such as Bauma & IFCEE, and we look forward to seeing our customers at Con Expo. Attendance at these conferences not only showcases our company, but to also showcases growth within the industry and provides networking opportunities for our valued staff. 

IDE also provides consistent training and learning sessions with our Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). During these training sessions, members from our partnered OEM offer hands-on training on their equipment and are able to teach our staff about updating technology and equipment advancements. 

Providing opportunities for continued growth and education is something IDE is proud of. By providing means for advancement in the geotechnical drilling field for our team, we are able to ensure that the industry moves forward and that we can provide top notch services for an evolving industry.