IDE Fabrication

IDE offers full-service fabrication capabilities. These services range from onsite field repairs to complete design, material source, and final fabrication and painting. With expertise from Years of drilling and heavy design experience, we can aid in designing your new projects, repairing tools, repairing worn Kelly bars and fabrication of adapters. We understand that your job is to drill and pile in the field, you cannot be expected to run a full-service fabrication shop. That’s where we can help.

With 2D AUTOCAD and 3D INVENTOR modeling design capabilities our fabrication services can create what you need with fast lead times and low overhead. With general flux core, various solid wires, mig hardface performed by 1” unlimited certified welders our IDE fabrication team has the expertise to build what you need. Whether you need an adapter to an excavator for a mast attachment, a rotary sled, Kelly repairs or a complete custom job; IDE Fabrication is your go-to partner.

For questions about Fabrication options, contact Michael Matulia by email or at (877) 207-6062.