“On what slender threads do life and fortune hang.” – Alexander Dumas

When it comes to the micro-piling industry, threads are everything. The connections tooling threads make can be the difference between projects that keep on drilling and projects that have to stop and start, wasting valuable time and resources. In this article, we’ll take a look at a couple of innovations and why they are becoming essential for creating strong rod connections to keep your projects on track.

While most of our industry relies on standard API connections, new rotary head technology is becoming increasingly powerful. The higher impact and torque loads can be too much for standard API to handle, causing damage to the threads and stopping production.

The bottom line is that as drilling technology evolves, so should your thread connection. Here are a few examples of basic changes you can make to ensure peak performance on micro-piling projects.

PFS, the latest from Sysbohr.

Sysbohr micro-pile tooling has introduced a new thread profile that is designed and built to match the performance and demands of your most advanced rotary heads. Their patent pending PFS thread allows users to use one string of tooling on both DTH hammer and drifter applications. This innovation is a big deal. It makes changeover quicker and reduces tooling costs. The conical-shaped thread is easily screwed and unscrewed, reducing wear and increasing thread life.

The larger inner diameter of the PFS thread allows significantly higher flushing than with API threads. Sysbohr’s own testing yielded 20 to 30% higher flushing capacities with PFS than with regular API, as well as up to seven times more torque absorption.

If your project requires the use of a high frequency rotary head, such as a sonic head, Sysbohr has you covered again. Their tooling can accommodate frequencies up to 160Hz from manufacturers such as Eurodrill, Thyssen Krupp and even SONIC heads.

All this technology incorporates the latest certified standards of DIN ISO 9001:2015 quality manufacturing.

Copper Coat is a must.

Remember that the perfect thread is only as good as its ability to repeatedly thread and un-thread over time. This is where Copper Coat comes into play. Our Copper Coat has a proprietary blend, backed by our decades of experience in the drilling industry, to keep those threads in perfect working order.

Stay threaded, no welding required.

When you need tooling to stay threaded, you weld it together, right? Wrong! When you need to use a sub-saver or a thru-shaft in your rotary head, welding means taking a big risk of damaging the tooling. Instead, use our two-part epoxy, BEE-Lock, which holds tight. When the job is done and you need to unscrew the tooling, BEE-Lock lets you simply heat the connection to between 500 and 600 degrees F to make the threads easily release. Tight hold. Easy release. No welding. No risk.

In drilling tool technology, one thing is certain: change. What’s important is keeping on top of innovations that can help keep your projects up to speed. And in this case, helping you make sure the productivity of your micro-piling job (and your fortune) is NOT hanging by a thread.

We invite you to reach out to IDE today or to read more online about how you can turn to IDE for your micro-pile tooling products and expertise.