Increase structural load and stabilize slopes with anchoring and micropile techniques.

Buy or rent anchoring, micropile and tieback drilling rigs.

Micropile, anchoring, and tieback applications for tackling a broad range of drilling requirements.


International Drilling Equipment offers the most complete line of micropile and anchoring tieback rigs in the country. Our full line of Casagrande C-Series rigs includes a range of equipment capable of tackling any micropile and anchoring application.

From the smallest C3, the removable-powerpack-equipped, capable C5R, to the largest C16, the Casagrande line offers capable rigs for a vast range of drilling projects. The C-Series offer Smart Power Management (SPM), a full load sensing hydraulic system. SPM facilitates intelligent engine power management, improving the unit’s overall performance while simultaneously reducing job site fuel consumption. The SPM and XP and XP-2 load sensing systems monitor the power flows of hydraulics in real time, and immediately allocate available power to the different functions of the unit, so operating functions always have the maximum power available. The Casagrande C-series represents the most recent advancements in emission standards, decibel sound levels, and safety parameters, ensuring the safest job site operations.

For high torque anchor and micropile/tieback applications, our units can be equipped with a Casagrande T5000 rotary head capable of 40,000 ft/lbs of torque. If applications require high speeds, our C-series line can be fitted with a Casagrande T20 which is capable of up to 400 rpm.

IDE also carries Thyssen Krupp Vibro rotary heads. These heads are capable of drilling with percussive frequencies up to 130Hz, allowing the drill head to progress up to 3 feet per minute in very challenging soil conditions.

Our drilling diameters range from 1 ½ in. to 20 in., with single stroke lengths up to 50+ feet. IDE’s anchor and micropile lineup can utilize several mast attachments to load, and house rods and casing for seamless automation and safe operation. Our V3 Carousel is capable of handling up to ten-20 ft rods, while the RC7 rod loader is capable of handling up to seven rods, plus casing up to 10 ft in length.


International Drilling Equipment offers a full line of Casagrande C-Series rigs as well as Thyssen Krupp Vibro rotary heads, a complete line of Sysbhor Micropile drill tools, Marini drilling rigs and Mast attachments

If job sites require a limited footprint, our C5R-XP2 has a removable powerpack with a range of up to 160+ ft, keeping working areas free of superfluous equipment.  For hard to reach drilling locations, IDE’s line of Marini drilling products is perfect. The Marini MR-C90 is capable of drilling up to 20 ft above grade, up to 9 ft below grade, plus many other special articulation position.  IDE also offers a complete line of Marini Mast attachments for excavators.  These mast attachments allow seamless integration to existing equipment to keep costs down without limiting capability.

International Drilling equipment offers a complete line of Sysbhor Micropile drill tools.  Sysbhor manufactures all types of micropile tooling, but specializes in single head duplex drilling, utilizing under rotary inlet swivels.


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The right equipment for the right job:

  • Casagrande C-Series Drill Rigs
  • Marini Drill Rigs and Mast attachments
  • Micropile Drill Rigs
  • Anchoring / Tieback Drill Rigs
  • Smart Power Management Full-Load Sensing Hydraulic Systems
  • Thyssen Krupp Vibro Rotary Heads
  • Sysbhor Micropile Drill Tooling

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