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National Pile Croppers is actively involved in Ukraine’s infrastructure rebuilding efforts, utilizing their heavy-duty CFA rig to crop concrete piles on various infrastructure projects. The company offers fully customizable concrete foundation piles of different sizes and lengths, suitable for a wide range of ground conditions and construction structures. Lee Aston, the director of National Pile Croppers, expressed their pride in contributing to Ukraine’s rebuild and stated that the croppers would play a small part in the reconstruction process.

The first cropper supplied by National Pile Croppers is a Heavy Duty CFA, which is a modular cropper that can be adjusted to accommodate different pile sizes. Its advantages include minimal restriction, a lifting frame, and the ability to cut circular augured concrete piles ranging from 300mm to 1,200mm in diameter. The cropper’s modular design allows for easy on-site adjustments, ensuring durability, safety, and efficiency. This adaptability makes it well-suited to meet the multifaceted requirements of Ukraine’s rebuilding projects.

National Pile Croppers offers advanced hydraulic shears that provide precise and clean cuts of excess pile material, without compromising the remaining pile’s efficacy. Their croppers come in various types and sizes, specifically designed for different pile configurations, such as augured, bearing, contiguous, secant, CFA, trench, and helical displacement. The company is proud to contribute to Ukraine’s reconstruction and is actively discussing the supply of more hydraulic pile croppers for future projects in the country.

International Drilling Equipment is proud to see the technology we offer to our customers make a difference after a disaster. At IDE, we are thrilled to offer these innovative pile croppers to our great customers. Consider IDE your go-to source for pile croppers.

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*News article and media courtesy of Urbain Communications, LLC.