Jobsites are always changing. Yet, the main objectives of all jobsites remain constant — operate safely, work fast and efficiently, and control costs. These universal goals make it vital that you leverage the right equipment and the right expertise to keep your teams and your jobsites on track. One of the ways to ensure smooth, safe, cost-efficient operations is through quality on-site grout production.

Safety first.

In grout production, it’s all about protecting your workers from the harmful crystalline silica dust generated during the production process. OSHA requires the use of dust controls and safer work methods to protect workers from silica exposures above the permissible level.

With a semi-automatic or fully automatic grout plant and silo, you can be assured that the dry cementous material is safely moved from the silo to the mixing tank with less dust exposed to the surrounding area. At IDE, we offer a grouting product line to keep your workers safe from unwanted exposure to silica dust.

Fast, efficient, accurate.

Now that silica dust is under control and the safety of your workers is assured, the next step is to establish a fast, accurate grout mixing process. The key here is to reduce the risk for human error that leads to incorrectly mixed grout. Both semi-automatic and fully automatic batch plants can give you the peace of mind that you are getting the proper mix every time.

With our grout mixing capabilities, you get the added benefit of being able to use multiple liquid additives in order to tailor your mix to each individual grout specification and jobsite requirement. Many times, liquid additives are avoided because of the large margin of error with manually adding liquids. This problem is easily overcome by our automatic liquid additive system. You get consistent, accurate grout mix — batch after batch and job after job.

Costs, controlled.

The last goal to achieving a perfect grout mixing setup is jobsite cost control. Having automatic batching capabilities here is a game changer. By automatically batching, you can accurately mix half-batches or less with pinpoint accuracy; so you only mix what you need. It’s also important to have the quality mixers, silos and pumps to keep your equipment upkeep and wear part costs down.

Plus, when you have large silo capacities, you can purchase a full truckload of dry material, allowing you further savings on material costs.

Getting it done.

Ensuring safety, speed and efficiency while controlling costs all depend on whether or not you have the right equipment and expertise in place.

At IDE, our grout batch plants are designed to achieve all of these goals on every project no matter the size or scale. Our grouting product range starts at production capabilities of just 6.5 cubic yards per hour with varying levels of automation. From semi-automatic where only the dry material is batched hands-free to completely automatic where all dry materials, water and liquid additives are added hands-free and mixed according to specifications.

With OEM support IDE can partner with you and guide you to the best option for your company, your jobsites and your goals for growth. Reach out to IDE today or see an online overview of our grouting capabilities and learn how we can help you be more successful today.