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Metax has been a premier brand in the grouting and pumping industry since the company’s inception in 1961. IDE is the exclusive distributor of Metax Grouting Equipment across the entire US and Canada.

The Metax brand epitomizes the highly-specialized manufacturing of high-pressure grout pumps for jet grouting applications, pumping of drilling muds, grout batch plants, mixture storage tanks, and specialized injection pumps for the geotechnical and civil engineering industries. IDE has the batching capacity from manual to fully autonomous, with output quantities ranging from 5 cubic meters per hour to 40 cubic meters per hour.

The Metax JMP5 represents the entry-level unit within IDE’s wheelhouse of grouting equipment. With an output maximum of 5 cubic meters per hour of gout via manual breaking of individual bags, the JMP5 delivery output is via a progressive cavity pump or a high-pressure piston pump, based on customer and jobsite needs. The JMP5 can be paired with a transportable silo SLT5, complete with load-cells, for semi-autonomous batching capabilities. This combination allows users to pre-set an amount of dry material to batch each time, with water still being controlled manually by the operator. The Portable silo, SLT5 holds up to 15,000lbs of dry material for less downtime spent loading the unit.


IDE is the exclusive distributor of Metax Grouting Equipment across the entire US and Canada.

On the advanced end of the grouting spectrum, IDE offers a JM40 with completely autonomous batching capabilities, fit neatly inside a 20ft container. The unit can operate seamlessly with horizontal silos which can be stacked on top of the JM40 to keep job sites clear of extraneous equipment on the ground. Further, the JM40 can operate automatically with up to four liquid and three dry components.

Every Metax grout pumping unit comes capable of pumping by either high volume progressive cavity pumps or high-pressure piston pumps. A Larger Metax Batching unit with Metax Triplex motor pumps; are best suited for jobs where high volumes and high pressures are needed for the application, such as jet grouting, large diameters/deep depths, geothermal or directional drilling.

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