As we approach the halfway point of 2020, we wanted to take a moment to provide an update on what IDE has been focusing on over the last several months and what we have in store for the remainder of the year. Needless to say, so far it has been a year of unprecedented challenges. However, in very significant ways, this year has also presented us with some important opportunities.

The global pandemic and the resulting shifts in industry have proven the immense value of both remote learning for continuous professional education and access to comprehensive service and expertise — now more than ever.

At IDE, we have responded with a number of programs and projects that will allow us to deliver both outstanding OEM knowledge and exceptional equipment service and support capabilities.

Here’s what we mean:

Remote learning to keep crews sharp and ready to work.

In our previous article, we outlined the wide range of free custom educational sessions we’ve developed in partnership with Casagrande. These online sessions, which are already underway, focus on keeping teams up to speed on the latest equipment, technology and troubleshooting techniques. They are designed to ensure that your crews are ready to be as efficient, effective and safe as possible.

We are also offering custom sessions to remotely help train crews on product lines such as Metax, Sebhsa, PTC, G&H, Leica, Tescar, SiP&T and Marini. (If you are interested in setting up a free custom session, contact us for details.) It’s all part of our commitment to delivering timely knowledge and insight, no matter what.

Expanded service department to get equipment up and running in less time.

By expanding our service department in North Carolina with a new service facility, we are boosting our service capacity and capabilities. The goal is to make overhauls, inspections and repairs faster while maintaining the highest level of quality.

The new facility will feature high-capacity service cranes with buildings high enough to fit large piling rigs indoors, plus enough room outside to move large trucks in and out with ease.

Once completed, this will give IDE a fully capable testing facility for all drill rig types, along with tieback and anchor areas, and large diameter drilling test areas. You will be able to test all functionality of equipment before it leaves the yard, providing you with confidence your equipment is in top form.

We’ve also developed full-service fabrication services with 2D AUTOCAD and 3D INVENTOR modeling design capabilities. Besides being able to build exactly what you need, we can design and show you in-house 3D printed renderings of your part earlier in the process. So you know the exact specs and how the final product will look in less time and at a lower cost.

 On-site multi-point inspections to keep rigs in top shape.

We recognize, though, that it doesn’t always make sense to bring your equipment to us. For that we’ve developed an on-site multi-point inspection program. We send a factory-trained technician to your facility or jobsite to perform a guided multi-point inspection of your equipment, with a comprehensive report to give you an accurate snapshot of its condition and recommendations for repairs or service including factory part numbers. This gives you the in-depth knowledge you need to make the right call to keep your projects going.

Building momentum for the second half of 2020.

In moving forward, we know that new needs can and will arise. There will be further challenges ahead, as well as opportunities to do things better. Based on how we’ve responded to the first half of 2020, we’ll be ready.

Now that you have a better understanding of how IDE is continually adapting to provide knowledge and service to our customers, we invite you to talk with us about how we can put our expertise to work for you.

Talk with us now by emailing us or calling:

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