As more businesses look for ways to be productive in this time of social distancing — as well as proactive in anticipation of easing pandemic restrictions — we are partnering with Casagrande this May to help ensure that your crews come back to your jobsites smarter, safer and better than ever.

Together we’re offering free online Casagrande factory educational sessions covering a range of topics from basic equipment types and functions to tips on maintenance and operations to a more detailed understanding of how different OEM components work. (You’ll find the link to our registration page below.)

The sessions are about using this downtime to your advantage, boosting your team’s knowledge while they work remotely through informative, online sessions about Casagrande C-Series and B-Series rigs. It’s a rare opportunity to work directly with manufacturer representatives and gain firsthand insight into how to get the maximum return on your equipment and your personnel.

Throughout May, we are offering the opportunity to either sign up for open sessions with other IDE customers and Casagrande instructors. Or, for your convenience, we are also providing custom sessions that can be tailored to fit your team’s specific drilling equipment model and project specifications. Either way, the sessions are free through May 31.

It’s important to note that these sessions are not certification-level instructional courses. These are educational sessions designed to help your teams bolster their knowledge, enhance troubleshooting skills and improve on-the-job familiarity with Casagrande C-Series and B-Series rigs.

Register now on our website.

If you see a topic on our list that might be especially relevant to your teams, please let us know. The IDE team and our partners at Casagrande will get in touch with you to talk about the best way to set up and conduct your free sessions. Sign up is required. And we don’t want your teams to miss out.

Now is the time to make your teams stronger. Sign up for the free educational sessions now and let’s ensure that your crews are ready to get your jobsites back up and running.