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Serious power that won’t shake up the jobsite: cutting-edge vibratory hammers.


  • Versatile, unobtrusive vibratory hammers can drive and extract piles quickly; in addition, they are lightweight, environmentally responsible, quiet, and have a small footprint
  • Hydraulic piling hammers are high-performance, easy to operate, and allow for precision manual and automatic control

International Drilling Equipment is proud to offer the most technologically advanced vibratory hammer equipment from PTC. PTC is world-renowned for their cutting-edge vibratory technology. PTC was the first company to develop technology that allowed using a vibratory hammer with adjustable amplitude at any moment. This “variable moment” allows resonance-free start up and stop down. PTC’s high frequency and variable moment vibratory hammers are capable of operating in vibration-sensitive jobsites, such as city centers, near existing structures, and on telescopic mast cranes.

PTC introduced the VibMaster, continuing the string of new technology, which monitors vibration in real time and adjusts amplitude to keep from exceeding the vibration threshold set by the rig user. The VibMaster allows for the safe operation of vibratory hammers in locations that have low peak particle velocity levels. The vibratory hammers are available with several powerpack options. They can also be mounted and powered by a fixed mast rig.

IDE also supplies hydraulic piling hammers for use free hanging, in swinging leads, or on a fixed mast rig. The hammers are a great complement to the PTC vibratory hammers, as they can be operated with the same powerpack or piling rig. Hammers can be fitted with numerous helmets for pipe, concrete piles, and even sheet piles. The hydraulic piling hammer is capable of up to 61,000 ft/lbs of impact energy, and up to 44 blows per minute.


International Drilling Equipment is proud to offer the most technologically advanced vibratory hammer equipment from the world-renowned PTC.

International Drilling Equipment offers quality, affordable multi-purpose piling rigs to the US market. PTC manufactures these rigs in conjunction with Casagrande. The PTC PR16’s powerful CAT C18 engine can power all kinds of piling and drilling equipment. The PR16 can be used with PTC high-frequency variable moment vibratory hammers, hydraulic impact hammers, or a rotary head. The rig is capable of handling piles up to 20m under the vibratory hammer. The PTC PR16 comes with a planetary knuckle on the mast which allows rotation of the mast up to 100 degrees left or right, for lifting and aligning piles and sheets with ease. This unit is a superior piling rig, capable of using hydraulic press when the jobsite can have no vibration present.

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