IDE experts weigh in on part 2 of preparing for a busy summer.

As we continue into summer, we’re building on our discussion of important issues to address before you ramp up construction projects. Our service, parts and fabrication experts (Matt Stump, Andrew Early and Michael Matulia) are back to outline what the right equipment partner can do to ensure that your rigs stay up and running.

Before we dive in, it’s important to keep in mind what the industry outlook is for the next six months.

While the industry has put forth a mixed forecast for construction through the remainder of 2021, there appears to be some activity gearing up in certain sectors. According to the report, 2021 State of Construction Industry: A Forecast for Uncertain Times, published by Equipment Today, industry sources look to residential construction to remain strong and public construction projects, particularly those related to infrastructure, to experience slight growth.

With this mixed outlook in mind, you may be tempted to rely on luck to keep your equipment functioning during the summer construction season. Our experts would strongly disagree. As rough as these drilling and construction jobs are on your rigs, it’s not a question of if something will break, but when. Besides, the old adage has proven to be true more often than not: luck (or, in this case, summer) favors the prepared.

Here’s how our experts recommend being prepared to ramp up this summer.

Service: Doing the right work in advance can make a big difference.

Matt Stump, IDE’s service manager, offers these insights into being ready for the summer rush.

  • Refurbish older equipment now in order to keep fleet running later and maximize uptime.
  • Gear up to be able to record and track data on site with G&H — customized data acquisition for special foundation and system controlling. (IDE is a key partner in installing, assisting with operating, and maintenance of the systems.)
  • Look for a service partner with capacity to spare. At IDE, we are carefully hiring techs in multiple locations to reach customers faster and in more cost-effective ways.
  • Train up whenever you can with factory training classes. We work with the factories all the time, such as Casagrande, to set up training with OEMs and customers — remotely, at our site, or at a customer site.

Parts: It pays to have an inventory with teeth.

Andrew Early, IDE’s parts manager, suggests focusing on where the drill gets down to business.

  • The summer months represent our busiest season. And the teeth are the first line of consumables as you drill and are the first items that will wear out on your tooling.
  • Having access to a big stock of WS39, C31, and DS05 teeth now will save you time on the job waiting for new ones to show up.

Fabrication: Making sure you’re ready to move quickly.

Michael Matulia, IDE’s fabrication manager, suggests having a trusted resource lined up to create what you need when you need it.

  • We’d all prefer to see Kelly bar repairs made before there is a problem. But as jobs get busier, repairs have to be made on site to keep downtime to a minimum. At IDE, we can immediately repair damaged bars from any manufacturer.
  • Custom built centralizers will allow you to tackle multiple applications, keeping your fleet flexible to pick up those last-minute jobs — which can help win jobs over competitors.
  • Tooling repairs, similar to teeth, on items that wear first is key. We make sure to repair the tools to keep them drilling with less wear and can reinforce the tooling to keep them stronger longer — which means more holes, less downtime, less cost.

Dig deeper.

With summer right around the corner, the time to prepare is now. We invite you to reach out to our team to learn more about preparing for the busy summer construction season and the issues your jobsites could face as you ramp up production. We’ll be happy to walk you through how to make sure your summer is a success.