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Since 1996 SIP&T manufactured a wide range of rotary tools and Kelly bars, developing a reputation for leading the field in vertical foundation tooling. The SIP&T model of continually striving for high performance, combined with a never-ending search for better reliability and tooling life, has always pushed the company to seek out the best possible engineering, design and fabrication practices in the world.

SIP&T’s pursuit of excellence aligns very closely to the philosophy of IDE. Together with SIP&T, IDE now offers the highest quality European foundation tooling, with North American lead times. All the tooling is manufactured in Southern Italy and stocked at IDE’s home office in Rural Hall, NC. IDE offers CFA tooling, augers, buckets, core barrels, single/double wall casing, and Kelly Bars.

IDE offers a wide array of auger arrangements and diameters for drilling in soil and rock, with both single start cutting edge augers and double start cutting edge augers. All our augers are designed according to rotary torque and rock compressive strength, allowing for varying diameters of the central stem, flight pitch, and thickness of all auger materials. This means each auger can be tailored to the individual rig and project needs. In addition to custom-tailored augers, IDE also stocks a wide array of ready-to-use standard augers.

The SIP&T buckets come in both single- and double-opening models. All buckets are designed with a rotating bottom to load drilled material and a vent pipe which the water or bentonite can pass through. These design features allow for a reduction of vacuum on the tool so that it can be repeatedly lifted from the hole with ease. All tooling is supplied with proper teeth and wear shields, according to the need of the client and the material hardness to be drilled.


Together with SIP&T, International Drilling Equipment offers the highest quality European foundation tooling with North American lead times.

The array of core barrels stocked by IDE are designed to cut through rock, concrete, or steel-reinforced concrete easily. Core barrels allow for higher torque and pressure applied to the cutting ring and can be fitted with different types of round shank teeth, quick change bars, or roller teeth. IDE keeps a vast amount of standard tooling in stock in North Carolina, but fast lead times and lean manufacturing allow specific needs to be customized by the client for individual job needs.

The range of tooling in stock at IDE would not be complete without European-style sectional casing, which is used to prevent collapsing in unstable soil. Casings are available in either single or double wall arrangement. Casing diameters are available from 24 in to 118 in, with other sizes available upon request. The joints are made specific to the application’s soil and rotary torque requirements. The joining of the sections is made easy by use of conical threaded bolts and alignment keys for fast connection. IDE offers both manual and automatic mechanical casing drivers, all adapted to the specific rotary head need by the client.

IDE supplies a full line of CFA augers. These augers range in diameter and torque requirements. Whether our clients use crane and leads, or the largest CFA rigs on the planet , we can accommodate the torques needed through high resistance design and fully machined male/female joints, made of special case-hardened steel.

IDE’s strong partnership with SIP&T brings cutting edge technology to the American foundation industry. We offer soil displacement tooling for full and partial displacement piles, designed entirely in-house. The high torque required for these piles is handled via specialized joints, which can transfer torque moments up to 600kNm (440,000 ft/lbs). The IDE displacement tools offer any client the hassle-free ability to jump into this market of cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly and jobsite-safe production-drilled and cast-in-place piles.

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  • European styleSegmented Casing
  • Kelly Bars for all makes and models of Drill rigs
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