In the drilling industry, safety is paramount. International Drilling Equipment understands that taking a bare minimum approach to safety is simply not enough. IDE goes the extra mile to ensure that our equipment not only performs efficiently but also puts the safety of its customer’s teams at the forefront. A key aspect of IDE’s safety commitment lies in the startup safety orientation, where our technicians place a strong emphasis on educating teams about the machine’s intricacies while stressing the importance of adhering to safety measures.

At IDE, safety is not just a box to check, it forms an integral part of the company’s high standards for ourselves and the rest of the industry. IDE recognizes that providing a safe working environment goes beyond merely meeting regulatory requirements. By taking extra steps, IDE demonstrates our unwavering commitment to ensuring the well-being of team members on job sites.

IDE’s startup safety orientation is a crucial moment for establishing a strong safety foundation. Technicians thoroughly educate equipment details and emphasize the importance of safety measures, guidelines, and best practices for maintaining a secure working environment. IDE technicians go the extra mile to stress the significance of safety measures and provide comprehensive training on protocols, hazard identification, emergency response, proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), equipment inspections, and adherence to standard operating procedures.


IDE believes that safety is not just an individual responsibility but a collective commitment. By fostering a culture of safety, IDE encourages open communication and active participation from operators, technicians, and management. IDE also stresses that no matter how much safety orientation we perform, safety is a very personal measure. If companies see something unsafe, or feel something isn’t right, it is a personal directive for each person to stand up and say something on every job, every site, every time.

International Drilling Equipment’s approach to safety in the drilling industry goes beyond the bare minimum. By stressing the importance of safety measures and fostering a culture of safety, IDE sets a high standard for the industry. IDE’s commitment to going above and beyond in enhancing efficiency and prioritizing safety is a testament to our dedication to the well-being of not just our team members, but our customer’s teams as well.