Here you can see what New Equipment IDE has to offer.  With the vast reach of our affiliates, we are able to offer an unparalleled used equipment offering to the foundation industry.  Contact us today and see how we can help you acquire a new piece of equipment and/or sell your current used equipment.  

NEW – Casagrande B175 XP-2


  • Casagrande B175 XP-2
  • Casagrande FleetMaster
  • CFA Piling Mode
  • Rotary Piling Mode
  • Diaphragm Wall Mode
  • Soil Mixing Mode
  • Smart Power Management (SPM)
  • Full Load Sensing (FLS)
  • Cummins B 6.7 Engine
  • Main & Auxiliary Winches
  • Rotary Head Torque & Speed H18/H18SX

Available for Sale, Rent, or RPO.

NEW – TesCar 5-Element locking Kelly Bar for CF6 & CF6 Plus


  • 5 Element Locking Kelly Bar 
  • Fits: TesCar CF6 & CF6 Plus
  • 15m X 3650mm
  • Outside Dimension of Outer Bar: 323mm
  • 130mm (5.1″) Kelley Box 
  • $24,169.75 (Call Justin with reasonable offers 336-609-9939)
  • Internal Item# 2181411 
  • Internal EQ# 6087

Available for Sale.

NEW – TesCar 6-Element Locking Kelly Bar For CF3 & CF3 Plus


  • 6 Element Locking Kelly Bar
  • Fits: TesCar CF3 & CF3 Plus 
  • 28m X 5450mm
  • Outside Dimension of Outer Bar: 323mm
  • Includes cylinder & hoses for modification (see pallet pic)
  • $23,120.64 (Call Justin with reasonable offers 336-609-9939)

Available for Sale.



  • Approximately 28 hours on machine – only used for demo
  • Configuration: CFA, Displacement, SoilMixing
  • Operating weight of approximately 125 tons
  • Casagrande Centralized Monitoring, Diagnostic and Setting Control System: 12.1″ graphic color touch screen display which allows settings and provides information about the machine condition, allows and assists in fault diagnostics – SPM control system – Smart Power Management – which monitors the instantaneous power flows in real time and allocates the full available power to the job duties – Mast lifting and lowering aid – Drilling depth measurement and automatic verticality system for mast –  Automatic opening and closing of the body doors complete with integrated decking
  • G&H instrumentation for measuring, displaying and digital recording of the following parameters: Drilling Depth – Concrete Pressure – Concrete Volume – Concrete Capacity – Mast inclination (two axis) – The instrument is complete with software for processing the data on a PC.
  • Electrical System: Nominal Voltage of 24 V – Cold Cranking Capacity of 830 A
  • Enclosed Cab: Air Conditioning System. It is designed according to modern ergonomics practice, is mounted on silent blocks to isolate it from vibrations. Adjustable seat, radio and CD player, electric windscreen wipers, front and side windows, soundproofed arrangement and protective screens ensure operator comfort and safety. Lateral rollaway platform. 
  • Rotary Head: H47/47 – Maximum drilling/rotation speed: 50 RPM – Maximum torque: 470 kNm – Inverse rotation speed for discharge: 50 RPM – Hydraulic valve to prevent the dropping of the rotary head
  • Main/Front Winch: Zollern 360 kN – Nominal line pull on first layer – controlled load-lowering type, driven by a variable displacement, hydraulic axial piston motor
  • Auxiliary/Rear Winch: Casagrande 140 kN – Nominal line pull on first layer – controlled load-lowering type, driven by a fixed displacement, hydraulic axial piston motor. Fitted with hydraulically released multi-disc brakes. 
  • Crowd Winch: Casagrande 300 kN – Max crowd force of 600 kN – Max extraction force of 600 kN – Stroke of 21 meters – Return pulleys on upper mast element – Return pulleys on slide – Complete with return pulleys and hydraulic tightening device for rope.
  • Engine: Turbocharged Diesel, Cummins X15, Tier 4 Final, 604 HP at 2100 rpm
  • Wired Remote Control
  • CFA (Continuous Flight Augers) kit having maximum diameter of 47 inches 
  • Telescopic Kelly Bars for a maximum borehole diameter of 118 inches in PDC and optional in PDW
  • Kit for High Depth Displacement Piles for maximum depth of 109 feet
  • Hydraulic Oil: Agip Arnica 46 (this is a high performance, antiwear, hydraulic oil specifically designed to meet the needs of modern, high pressure, industrial and mobile equipment – petroleum based – capacity of the oil tank is 1000 L)
  • Year: 2020
  • Automatic Lubrication System: On demand, a centralized lubrication system, where the machine I lubricated by a pump which supplies the fiction parts by means of a network of hoses and distributors. A control unit checks operation of the system and indicates any malfunctioning. The system is provided with a safety valve, which limits the maximum pressure which the grease can reach.
  • Internal Item# B40XDZ0104

Available for Sale, Rent or RPO