Increase soil stability with jet grouting

High-pressure jet grouting equipment for high-demand projects.


Jet grouting is a specialized process in which soil or weak rock is broken up, or disaggregated, and then mixed with or partially replaced by cementing agent. The disaggregation is achieved by means of a high-pressure jet of fluid(s), which can be the cementing agent itself. Jet grouting is not “grouting” in the true sense, but is a hydrodynamic mix-in-place method which produces cementing material and improves soil stability.

In jet grouting, ultra high-pressure fluids or binders are injected into the soils at high velocities, resulting in the breaking up of the soil structure completely, and a mixing of soil particles in situ, to create a homogeneous mass which will solidify. Jet grouting is useful for a wide range of soil types (from soft clays and silts to sands and gravels), regardless of permeability or grain size distribution.

The binder in high-pressure jet grouting is typically a water-cement mixture, applied through one of three variations: single, double, or triple fluid systems.


Choose either a partial or complete rig for jet grouting processes with help from the experts at International Drilling Equipment.

Jet grouting technology has filled many gaps left in the field by traditional soil consolidation and impermeabilization methods, such as permeation, compaction, and in recent years, soil mixing. With the latest evolvement of jet grouting techniques, IDE, through our network of consultants and suppliers, now offers highly-advanced drilling and injection equipment and state-of-the-art jet grouting control systems.

IDE can provide a partial or complete rig for jet grouting processes: silos, automated batch plants, triplex high-pressure pumps, mono or double fluid jet grouting tooling, instrumentation. We help you choose the right individual components or the whole setup, resulting in the best possible drill rig configured for jet grouting to suit your project’s needs.

Find the right jet grouting solution for any application–deep jetting, multi-jet, tunneling, bottom plus, below sub-grade bracing, underpinning, temporary reinforced retention systems, or mitigation of soil liquefaction–with help from the experts at IDE.

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The right equipment for the right job:

  • Silos
  • Automated Batch Plants
  • Triplex High-Pressure Pumps
  • Mono-fluid / Double-fluid Jet Grouting Tooling
  • Instrumentation
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