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Casagrande: DRILL rigs that go further, even in tough conditions.

  • Drill rigs, for large-diameter piles in hard ground conditions, utilize a solid stem auger or aggressive kelly bar.
  • CFA / Continuous Flight Auger piles provide cost benefits to foundation projects without sacrificing production.
  • Full displacement drilling is similar to CFA but use exclusively for cast-in-place piles.
  • Limited Access Rigs allow for drilling in small or compromised spaces.


From a 12-foot diameter Kelly foundation to thousands of 18-inch CFA piles, our complete line of premium Casagrande models fit the bill of any jobsite. Our Casagrande B-series line covers any foundation drilling need and requirement, ranging from the small footprint and efficient power of the B125 to the B470, the largest model in the line, IDE offers the most diverse lineup of CFA and Kelly drilling units.

International Drilling Equipment carries powerful units capable of drilling bored piles up to 331+ feet deep and 14 feet wide, with rotary head torques reaching 344,000 pounds per square foot. Our Casagrande Brand rigs can complete CFA piles up to 110+ feet deep, with extraction forces nearing 344,000 pounds.

As an exclusive Casagrande dealer, we carry a full lineup for effective Cutter soil mixing, single-axis soil mixing, and multi-axis soil mixing. For soil removal, Casagrande units with hydraulic grabs are perfect for use in creating diaphragm and cutoff walls when a project requires serious soil displacement. Cutoff wall panel size capabilities can range as large as 125×60 inches, and up to 145 ft deep.


    As an exclusive Casagrande dealer, we carry a full lineup of factory trained Service technicians and a well staffed, well stocked Parts department. .

    The Casagrande B-Series offers foundation drilling depth measurement and automatic mast verticality control, along with mast lifting and lowering aids. The line’s automatic idling mode keeps jobsite fuel consumption efficient. The Casagrande XP2 series controls the performance of hydraulic pumps to achieve precise, rapid execution of all operations. This precision tuning control allows a rig’s engine to transmit all needed power to the latest hydraulic pumps while reducing pollutants in keeping with today’s emissions standards. Cameras and display monitors give the foundation drill rig operator full visibility of the winches, the sides, and the rear of the machine in limited access environments.

    For foundations located in constricted spaces, IDE offers a full line of drilling equipment and Casagrande units with low-headroom masts. The Casagrande units with low headroom max out at under 28 feet in height, while retaining a 62 ft drilling depth capacity. 

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