Customer Comments

Here’s what some of IDE’s loyal customers have to say…


“We had a machine go down and we needed a bunch of hydraulic parts and pumps. It could have been as much as two or three weeks down time, but they stood on their head to get the parts and instead we got the machine up in two or three days.”

– George Rumble, Owner, Rumble Foundations

“IDE is accommodating, efficient, and they rent quality equipment.”

– Bob LaMay, President, LaMay And Sons, Inc.

“IDE has top of the line mechanics. They came out and helped with a hydraulic problem and did an excellent job. I like having them around.”

– Chris Senchak, Hayward Baker

“I would very highly recommend working with IDE. They have great service and equipment. We rent the Casagrande brand for everything we do, if possible. And now we’re also working with IDE to supply teeth for augers, rock oil, things of that nature, and we’re going to start getting our tools through IDE. It’s a fairly exciting time for us as a company, in terms of growing, and we know we have the support of IDE behind us. Whenever we need something, we know who to call.”

– JR Childress, Carolina Shoring and Foundation Co.

“IDE has always been very responsive. They’ve been very good at helping us solve problems and getting us the parts we need when we need them.”

– James Hoover, Morrison Engineers PLLC

“My biggest doings with them is getting parts. They’re great. [Parts Department Manager] Joe Shelton does whatever it takes to get it. I talk to Joe almost every day, to be honest with you. And he gets back to you, even if it takes him until seven o’clock at night, he’ll call you back. They’ve been great.”

– John McCadden, Shop Manager, Hayward Baker

“The machines are good and the dealers are even better. You deal hands-on with Stephen Gazo and he’s a very knowledgeable drill guy. You can rely on him doing the best and getting you the equipment you need.”

– George Rumble, Owner, Rumble Foundations

“IDE provides timely and professional service. They have always solved problems for me.”

– John F. Matulia, F&W Construction Company, Inc.