Getting You Back In Business Is Their Business, Whatever It Takes

serviceIDE understands that idle equipment costs you time and money, so their Service Department has just one focus – completing fast, reliable repairs that get your equipment up and running again as soon as possible. In fact, their goal is 24-hour response, meaning they will do their best to get your equipment repaired and running again within 24 hours or less.

The Service Depart at IDE is available for any type of repair or service work you may need, whether or not the equipment came from them. While they primarily focus on Casagrande, Metax, PTC and TES CAR brands, they can provide service for most any piece of equipment.

IDE begins with initial troubleshooting over the phone, at no cost, in an effort to get your equipment moving as quickly as possible. If they can’t solve the problem that way, they will send their service technicians to you. The service technicians do most of their work in the field, so they are accustomed to working in challenging conditions and under intense pressure.

If your equipment has a major service issue, IDE will bring it to their facility in North Carolina where they can do a complete re-build if necessary, including the hydraulic and electric systems. If long-term repairs are needed, IDE can supply substitute machines to get your job back on track.

In their service center, IDE can handle 90% of the repair work they do without looking to outside service providers. This means shorter lead times and more direct control over any work they do.

IDE also has a 10,000 sq. ft. parts department, so whether they are working in the field or in their service center, many of the parts required will be readily available. They also have the equipment necessary to fabricate parts, based on factory specifications, for faster turnaround.

In the field or at their facility, the focus is always customer support and getting the equipment back on the job with as little delay as possible.

For questions on our service capabilities, contact John Matulia by email or at (877) 207-6062.

You can come to us for any repair or support you need.

Stephen Gazo, IDE Founder & President